78 Knot Winds At GFLL

78 Knot Winds At GFLL, hop in a light plane and have fun!!

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I am cruising over Canada with winds of 74 knots and counting. 78 knots can be normal, so I don’t know if this topic is neccessary or not.


Still powerful enough to hover so I’d say yes this topic is helpful

78 knots on the ground. Allows you to hover over taxiways in a Cessna. 70+ knot winds are quite a regular occurrence at higher altitudes.


There’s already this Tracking Thread that was created these type of such occurrences where the METAR is all over the place, wouldn’t it be better to utilize that thread instead of making new ones every time the wids go crazy?

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There is an Extreme METAR Tracking Thread for this stuff:

EDIT: @Captain_JR beat me to it.


Yes, thank you for that

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Yeah same I was flying yesterday from Toronto to Denver and it was like 78 to 90 knots.

The wind in the air can regularly be that fast.