77w wingtip

I will post and example soon but from what I noticed in the 777-300ER in IF is that from window view, the wingtip looks pointy. In a real life window view the wingtip looks more round. Instead of a Right triangle, it looks more like a smooth transition.


Notice how it looks more “Smooth”.

Please state your thoughts in the reply section below.



Not exactly sure what you mean by that, as the photo you provided is fairly low-quality. If you look this (awesome) photo, you can quite clearly see that it is rather pointy:

This looks really similar to what we have in Infinite Flight:

If you could elaborate a little more on what you’re trying to point out, please do.


I am very sorry if I was not clear. I will show a picture soon. I mean’t more of a view in the back of the plane. Some views make it clear that there is a triangular shape. I will sent a photo for clarity.

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It’s mostly lighting and shadows that smoothes the edges

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Alright thanks~

I also feel that the if’s wingtips are not particularly good

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