77W or A333 or 748?


I am getting a new aircraft today and wanted to know which one is best? What’s best to fly??? What’s best to land???



The 77W, best one! Here is the link of @Rotate’s review.


To land? A333 is much better and easier to flare. The B77W needs a bit harsh inputs IMHO, but great plane as well. You can’t do anything wrong with either A333 or B77W. :D

The 77W is definitely the best one

I like all of the above planes very much! I mostly fly the A330 in Swiss livery followed by the BBJ748 and then the B77W. Actually these are all my favorite aircraft :P you can’t go wrong with either of them, but in my opinion you should get them all

Get the 77W to start with

Agree with 77W Option 😉. Recommended Opt

I think 77W is best

Surely the B77W.

The A333 is the easiest to handle, but the flight model isn’t as suffisticated as the 777s.
The B748 has some issues compared to the real one…


77W suggested

How do you guys fly the A333?? It is always pitching down during cruise and during descent, even with 100% trim, it is pitching down way more than it should do.

Note: I have experience on Airbus (Aerosoft FSX and even on Xplane). I can confirm you that the A333 is not realistic on IF. The B777 is way better on IF.

No contest 777 for sure

All three are great planes. In my experience, this is how they excel: The A333 is the easiest to land, the 777 the fastest and the 748 has the best handling.

If you know how to fly jumbos like me the 748 should not be a problem. Keep an average speed of 150-155 knots and landing will be very easy @B767fan

b777 flapperon doesn’t work, I cry every time!

Neither the A333 and B748’s ones actually…

They do… The a330 doesn’t have a flapperon.

If you fly at FL300+ the negative pitch disappears. but I have the same problem at lower altitudes. Didn’t find a solution yet

The Flaperon of the B748 works only as an aileron (so it doesn’t move when selecting the Flaps), while the aileron of the A333 is actually a Flaperon.

What are you talking about…