77W LATAM Long-haul LAX to GRU

Hi guys, I will document here my lastest flight on December 29, 2023.

This route was LAX (Los Angeles Intl) to GRU (São Paulo-Guarulhos Intl)

LATAM Airlines already made this route 3 times a week flying with 77W and 789.

Let´s begin our journey!

Our flight start park at GATE 154 of International Terminal (LAX) on early morning, aboard LATAM’s Boeing 77W

Currently aboard 321 passengers, on Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

Ground Power Off and Gates Closed ! Time to send Pushback to LAX ATC.

Pushback Approve ! But, holding position for Delta 772LR finish their Pushback.
(For the curious, Delta 772LR was heading to London Heathrow Intl Airport )

Taxiing to RWY25R , passing by American Airlines 772ER arrived from Miami Intl.

LAX Tower → Cleared for Take-Off

“Claread for Take-Off, TAM 251 Heavy”

Climbing to FL350

Already with sun kiss, passing through Mexico

Interesting time! Flying above Cancun Intl Airport (MMUN)

Cruise Altitute 35000FT, Flight Time: 7h16min
Above Colombia Mountains

Now, we are already on Brazil territory! Especially in the state called Amazonas! (Where is the Amazon River located)

Interesting fact of HOW big is Brazil, from now, our remaining flight time its about 4h to Southern, at São Paulo Intl Airport!

Arriving time to GRU, flight time remaining: 15min

Announcing landing to GRU ATC at RWY27R

Gorgeous view of our 77W landing at RWY27R

Taxiing to GATE 509, at International Terminal 3!

And also being face to face with American Airlines 772ER, that was taxiing to departure to Miami Intl.

Before finishing our Journey, a plane spotting of Qatar Airways 772LR flight from Doha (+14h flight ) going around after not suceceed landing due to wind gusts

Final Journey!

Ground Services ON, Main Baterry and APU OFF, Engine OFF, Seatbelts OFF, our flight came to an end!

Flight time: 12h10min

Sorry for any mistake, my first language its portuguese :D

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