77W landing gear faze threw right wing

My Call Sign: Andres_Camargo

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue? Yes

Version Information:
20.2 (472)

Device Information
iPhone 11
IOS 14


when you load on the 77W it seems fine but when I took off from any runway when I zoomed out the right landing gear was fazing threw the right-wing

Steps to reproduce

Launch IF
Step 2: load at any airport and load in the 77W
Step 3: takeoff at any runway then retract landing gear
Step 4 go to the normal camera and zoom out a little when the gear is up
Step 5: when zoomed out, look at the right-wing on the 77W when the emergency exit is at
Step 6: you will see the part where the landing gear is connected to the wing fazing threw it like the grey bar
Expected results: I expect to see the landing gear to glitch threw the body of the 77W

Actual results: the landing gear just goes threw the wing and that’s it when zoomed out

More Information:Extra: the landing gear won’t show if you zoom way out or really close in the normal camera
other cameras that allow you to zoom out like scenic or free cam can show the gear fazing threw the wing as well but this only affects the right-wing

has this ever happened to you

Able to repro, had to zoom out a bit more than you did, though

Device: iPad Pro 2018 12.9"
iOS: 14.0.1
Infinite Flight version: 20.02 (472)

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Probably due to the Device difference

You do not need “OPEN BETA” in the title, as it is already in the #open-beta category

my computer glitches by pasting stuff i don’t mean lol

I do not think this is a showstopper. As long as this is not affecting the performance of your application or your flight, it may not be fixed in 20.2 :)

Probably related to when the level-of-detail rendering mechanics kick in. This sounds similar to that flaps issue before which open happens when you zoom out.