77W HUD Issue

Hi community

I noticed a problem during my flight in Boeing 777-300 ans more preciesly the livery SkyTeam Air France
This can be very problematic in the takeoff and landing phases. Here are some pictures :
(I tried to recalibrate in the center but nothing has changed)



This is a known issue and is being looked at. Patience is key right now :)

What device are you using?

I use a Samsung A50

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Ok thanks, @schyllberg - another one for you!

We just pushed a fix to beta, and in parallel to 25% of Android users in general. Let us know if you see any improvements.


I just test and no improvements of my part

Did you get the update on google play?

Not yet…

Wait until you get the update then you wont have that issue anymore…

Problem resolved
Thanks guys

Give Laura the tick!

Glad it’s fixed for you, enjoy!

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