77W float issue

Yeah it doesn’t want to land no matter the speed. Unless we try not flaring and doing a three point landing which isn’t at all realistic.

Trust us you NEED to have that plane less than 125kts with that plane when you land plus weight makes a big difference as well

To be honest, it doesn’t need much flare. A gentle nose up attitude until touchdown, with some ever slight backpressure and you’re golden. The 77W flies a very slow approach; it won’t stall out on you sub 120kts.

Calculate Vspeeds. I always try to maintain V 1.3 s1 which is equivalent to the actual V2 speed at takeoff. The landing speeds varies according to the weight, airport altitude, winds… every landing has to be calculated.

Yes if I am just under the MLW I always land with full flaps and i fly a approach speed between 140-150 at 40 feet i Idle it and i begin a flare i don"t force the nose up i just gradually flare until i touchdown If i float past TD zone i go around but I don"t usually float anymore I’ve had -7 fpm landing with 77W and i landed about 150 meters before the target point (the 2 white bars)

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