77W float issue

Not sure if you can categorise this as a physics issue with the IF plane or a real life physics characteristic of the plane , but I find this aircraft so difficult to land smoothly without it floating about half way down the runway, however much I flare or when I start the flare.
Other 777 variants don’t have this issue which I know are shorter and so have differing physics. But seems like the W floats too much, is what I can tell.

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It’s because of your weight and speed. A landing at MLW with no wind should warrant a landing speed of about 163-165 knots.

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You didn’t take winds into account?
Trim too?

Normally 157-162 is enough. Full flaps.

The B77W is a float machine in Infinite Flight and the reason why is you have to select the perfect speed.

Take a look here for the perfect landing speed to land at with the B77W


I said 157-162 since that’s the speed I use, I have no problem with that.

That’s going to cause you to float down the runway. Normally 145-135 IAS speed is good. But, the official landing speed is in the topic below

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yes if landing is 155 approach is 160. Vref plus five.

No. I ended up stalling at MLW.

I think it’s because of your weight of the plane.

At about 251000kg MLW, 140 is way too slow.
140 is for lightweight.

Yeah, and for landing. You should be below 25% of load

Not if you’re flying the AF 475 passengers configuration.

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Well, then you have to find the perfect load or fuel dump

The 77W actually has a considerably slower landing speed than the other 777 variants. With a light load and full flaps, you can find yourself using about 35% positive trim with a final approach speed of 130-135ish knots at the most.

I’ll usually have the plane touchdown between 115-125kts. Don’t go as fast as you usually would with the other 777s.


Well 145 is reasonable with a moderate load?

I didn’t say what my weight and speed is.
I just landed at about 135 knots, flaps 25 with <25% load, is that too slow? I will try around 150-160knts to see if that makes a difference.

I couldn’t tell you if it’s a physics issue or a approach issue without knowing the landing speed you had.

Way too fast for a 77W. Your wheels should touch down no faster than 125kts I’d say. If you find yourself floating way too much, that’s a sign to slow it down.