77F weight suggestion

With the 777-F having max of 766,000 lbs take-off weight and 226,000 cargo weight how much lbs of cargo should I load my 77F on a 8 hour flight?

I would suggest you to use the website called fpltoif.com
It will give you all the info you will need for your flight.
You can put any amount of cargo you want and the website will calculate the amount of fuel needed and cruise speed and altitude and other stuff

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8 hours 30 min of fuel lol

I already know that site and im asking how much cargo weight should I enter in the box on that site

There’s a few things to consider here. How close is your diversion airport? Is the airport arrival going to be busy? An hour extra of fuel would be a good starting point. You are going to burn most of your fuel during climb out and the early-mid stages of cruise. I’d stay below FL320. Oh and you’ll want to be under the max landing weight too. Not sure if this is helpful but here’s a link from Atlas Air: Atlas Air 777F


Ah ok for more then 5hrs i put around 20,000kgs of cargo which is 45000lbs of cargo. Because I want to be light

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so for heavy is 80,000 kgs good or is that overweight

For 1-5hrs flight time i range from 30,000kgs to 60,000kgs

That would be a lot if u add abt 9hrs worth of fuel. You’re gonna be super heavy

oh okay then ill reduce it to 50,000 kgs

For 8hrs. 30,000kgs will be good and also remember to check if you’re below landing weight so u can use APPR

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I always have some fun with cargo and just load the maximum I can because I like do heavy takeoffs.

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