77F & 777LR: Endless Possibilities

Hey everyone hope you all are doing great! 🤘

Been around a week since I posted my last #screenshots-and-videos topic but I am back now stronger then ever, with TWO routes! OMDB-EGLL, with the Emirates Cargo 77F and NTAA-YSSY, with the wonderful Crystal 777LR Livery!

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: B77F +777LR
Flight Time: 7hr’s 10 mins + 7hr’s 54 mins (mostly on George)
Note: This was taken in 20.2!

So without further ado allow me to present: Endless Possibilities…

(1) Loading Cargo…

(2) N121WS ready to taxi!

(3) Takeoff…

(4) Mist + Mountains

(5) Hello Mr Moon!

(6) Sparkle, Sparkle

(7) N121WS L.U.A.W.

(8) Blasting out of NTAA!

(9) Gear Down…

Bonus: I really enjoy making the photos above however being limited to one replay is very hard so I thought I would show you the potential of things I can create using multiple replays and having a bit of diversity!

This topic took me over 3 hours to make an edit so please please do leave a like and some feedback it would be greatly appreciated! If you haven’t already please do check out this wonderful photo tutorial from Suhas which you can find here.

However I gotta know… WHICH ONE WAS THE BEST?

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Thanks once again for taking the time to look at my topic!

Cign ✌️


Question: My Photos are slightly cut off at the edges anyone know the reason why?


Sorry, not sure about that one. Great post here. Amazing photos!!

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Appreciate it thanks, no worries just a bit buggered that some of it is cut off, will have to take a look later… Thanks for the kind words!

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Amazing clicks!! 😍😍

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Thank you! 😊

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Okay so great photos but I think that the emirates photo is that runway 30L

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I think so :)

Bruh bruh bruh why do people take off from 30L

It is always 30R

Just doing what FPL2IF tells me 😉

I have the same problem on my computer

Also great photos

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Really annoying because I spent loads of time on these photos… Thanks for the kind words…

It should say runway 30R

I believe that is because of Discourse, it’s been having a few issues.

Fantastic photos Cign! This is such a dramatic improvement and I am impressed. Glad to see you decided to follow my guide, these are your best pictures yet! I look forward to seeing more from you :)


Appreciate it a lot thanks! I think I am going to change how I do my photos though, sticking to one or two flights as you said is hard so I think im gonna mix it up in the future to have more diversity! Your guide has helped lots of us aspiring editors and is extremely useful so thank you :) Hopefully will have some more in a week or two!


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No worries, if you click on the photos the full photos will appear

click for full pic

But yeah rlly annoying

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