777x - Touchscreens

A quick video describing touch screens being implemented in the 777x.


I’ve read about this before. Looks really cool.

lol if the pilots eat, they can’t toutch the screen ?!
I see that after 5000 hours of flight x)


That’s really cool!

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How cool would it be if they actually put the touch screens into IF


I love it even more with every new update

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Looking forward to seeing pilots operating them in severe turbulence…


Seems cool but remember; all things have downsides

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You run into the same problem when you’re trying to operate an FMC in the same conditions, buttons might not be much better.

Sure, can you name one?

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Then it would be a double touchscreen, which is pointless…




Not exactly but as I said, all things have downsides, no matter how big or small.

Such as what? When the iPhone overtook the blackberry, the lack of a physical keyboard wasn’t much of a concern for most. I don’t mind it having downsides, I just can’t figure one out.

touch screens -,- that isn’t smart at all in my opinion…

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@Danman this is my main reason, no one particular but just a bad feeling

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well one downside would be accidentally clicking wrong buttons, this could be risky.

Another is that touch screens can fail sometimes, they are less reliable than buttons.

Third, there just isn’t any point and is a waste of money because trust me it won’t make flying any easier or fun. Just because something is cooler doesn’t mean it is more beneficial.

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Spot on matee :))

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If the world ran on feelings, it would self-implode on Monday mornings because of laziness.

Someone names 3 specifics, and then:

You’re flip-flopping your position more than a politician.

Just like you would with regular buttons. I don’t see the concern here.

I’ve had many keyboards and physical buttons fail on me, my i-Device touchscreens never failed on me. Once again, don’t see an issue here.

This isn’t for “cool” or “fun” it allows for greater flexibility when entering information and allows for more screen space for pilots. There are benefits to this, it’s just that you don’t see it.

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well instead of criticizing every single sentence individually and making us both look bad, why don’t you start fresh and create a general paragraph directed to everyone that states the benefits and your opinion.

Wait, what? A point-by-point rebuttal is bad now in a debate setting? I would write a paragraph-length response, but without the opposing view, I feel that it would be too one-sided.