777x: The Truth Revealed about the September Pressure Testing

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So as we all know, Boeing’s 777X lost a Cargo Door during Stress Testing. Is that the truth though? Rising stories found that it actually ripped open a part of the fuselage. So those of you wanting the 777X soon, you can expect to be waiting for a bit.


Here’s a picture of the damage:


Surprised this happened really. It’s not like it’s the B787 where new technologies are being used, plus it’s not a totally new aircraft either. I would hope that they do retest this


Oh. What a damage. Boeing will have to be careful with their engineering when designing aircrafts.

@anon41771314 please have this in mind we already have a Development Tracking Thread for this specific aircraft. Here is the link so you will know for your information to avoid duplicate/spam topics. Thanks!


Boeing seems like it is going downhill. I love the company but, it is filled with problems, and needs a major fix. Airbus is killing it on the other hand. Looks like Airbus might actually become more popular then Boeing.


oops, sorry! I didn’t realize we had a tracking thread for it!

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The A320 has sold more than the B737 I believe, now. That being said, Boeing has the image issue but I wouldn’t say Airbus is killing it. In terms of sales, both are doing pretty well. Airbus hasn’t capitalised off these issues because in reality their backlog is far too big for most of their aircraft

Broken fuselage. Yikes that doesn’t sound safe

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That is very true, but I 100% feel safer aboard an Airbus aircraft.

According to Boeing,

what we’ve seen to date reinforces our prior assessment that this will not have a significant impact on the design or our preparations for first flight.

I’ve been reading that the 777X is facing issues, one after another, with each one sounding more and more alarming, but I do have some kind of hope and faith in Boeing, at the end of the day. Despite the 737MAX scrutiny that they are dealing with, after the two deadly accidents, Boeing for one would not want to have to face the same horrifying dilemma and tragedy with the 777X.

Not only would it affect hundreds of families, if something were to go really wrong when the 777X enters in traffic, but it would be a massive financial blow the company too, where all-in-all, it isn’t an option they can choose. Neither would the costumers, the airlines be confident in what they putting their trust in.

Boeing has time, all the time in the world, to fix what issues they are facing, retake the test, ensure that it can tolerate the stress at 1.5 more than normal pressure, then, will people feel safer to board the aircraft. Even if a aircraft never reaches such stress, it is not reassuring that it does not meet the expected criteria, to have a margin between how much stress the fuselage experience during flight and what it can take before, structural damage occurs.

I Wish That Boeing Does Not See This Over, But Instead Take It Seriously And Retake The Test, For Their Reputation, Airlines’ Faith, For Our Safety!

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Hopefully they do fix themselves up. Because if they don’t, I see Airbus A350 (and A350neo if it happens) taking over the 777x

I think everyone likes to overreact over nothing. If the issues with the Max would have never happened, this wouldn’t even be a serious topic. This was a TEST that was literally done to discover issues like this. This is not the first test they’ve ever done that has failed and it won’t be the last. They’ll fix it and it’ll be fine.


The whole point of testing! considering these tests are over extreme and they were within 1% of the target load I don’t think this will set the program back at all. There’s probably some sensationalism over the Max issues as @karl_iszler mentions, but Boeing is banking on this being a success

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