777x Folding wingtip demonstration

A real demonstration of the Boeing 777x folding wingtips.
I have to admit, it is very interesting and I would appreciate to see it unfolding before takeoff in an actual aircraft.


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This is the video


Why! Oh why!

OMG!!! I just keep loveing it it even more everyday


I don’t like te tip design but hope SIA fly them

Yes, hopefully SIA does :/ if they don’t I’ll stop loving them

I will like to see this. I think it’s a first (correct if wrong). But if it is a first looks very cool.

It’s really big

Woah! I gotta admit it looks really cool! :)

If a pilot folds them in flight, they would make pretty good winglets to my opinion.

Actually, it is designed so that it can still fit to the airports the current Boeing 777s serve today.

I know that. Not silly.

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