777W Throttle moving on its own during cruise with A/P engaged

Hey! Just wanted to mention that I’m noticing the throttle moving up and down while I’m cruising in the 777-300ER.

My speed is set to 0.83 Mach, but my N1 sometimes jumps to 100% or more, and then sometimes suddenly drops to 20%, before settling again at around 80-84% .

This has been happening throughout my cruise to this point, I just took off and I’m 30 minutes into my flight. I’m not understanding why this is happening.

Maybe I should go for an emergency landing 🤔

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Hmm, this is looking to be a problem with other aircraft too…

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Probably the winds are causing that. Take a look at the link that Blitz posted. :)

That post suggests winds are the cause, but I have little wind where I’m flying right now and the weather server is down…

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Yea. seems the issue with NuggetFornia is likely the same. Very low winds but the Autothrottle is behaving aggressive.

Maybe it’s a server issue? The weather server has been going on and off

We are looking into it.

But turbulence will show itself with the throttle when AP is set. This may be what you are seeing but ill check and see if anything is up.

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Hmm… I think it’s the server. It should be back up now.

I checked and this is a known issue and is actively being worked on.