777w rework

My first flight with the reworked 777w with @AIFC from Vancouver to Toronto


Flight info

started at 1030 Zulu on 10-26-2020
Around 4-5 hours flight time
Expert server

Hope you guys enjoy!

Any and all feedback on videos is welcome and appreciated!

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Easy 10/10 for me.

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Thanks! And welcome to the community!

Thanks everyone for watching :)

If you didnt like it tell me why! (or if you have any other suggestions!)

WOW. This inspired me to get my life back on track. Thanks custom ink!

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All jokes aside… I really enjoyed your content harody I’m glad you YouTube or else YouTube be bad so I’m happy that you YouTube it gives stuff me to watch glad happy entourage

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What i would suggest is to remove the planeboxes and namess

Yeah that is one thing I realized after :)

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