777s At JFK Some Sunset Highlight: Kuwait (BA, AZ, AA, AF, KU)

As always, click on a photo for more info. and enjoy!

Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-200ER:


British Airways Boeing 777-200ER:


Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER:


American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER:


Air France Boeing 777-200ER:


Other photos from this trip:


Great spotting! You are very lucky to have a large airport so close!

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Thank you :).

The best location was getting all the TransAtlantics so it worked out great last night.

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Kuwait. Love the blue.

Then British, Alitalia, Air France, American.

American livery looks better at sunset

This is not on flickr ^. Will be eventually.


I live about one hour-two hours away from EGCC and around half an hour from EGGP (irrelevant - small airport). I choose not to spot though :P

The Alitalia one looks pretty bad… They are currently introducing a new livery, but it looks similar to the old one.

Bad livery or photo 😁 (Pls. be honest)?

If you’re referring to the dots then I am considering purchasinng Photoshop so those will start disappearing eventually.

Regarding thr new livery, here’s my statement:

There are 3 recently introduced liveries by European flag carriers (I’m sure you know the airlines), all of which are better that their predecessors IMO-I try my best to get them but they keep evading me. For example, a KLM 747-400M due that night was to be in thr new colors but it showed up in old KLM Asia livery. Same happened with Iberia A340-600. And I already photographed that A346 in a previous trip (So it becomes a triple blow)

I do my best to get some variety but it’s not always possible 😔. At least the airlines fly to JFK is what I tell myself.

I meant the livery, don’t worry :P

Actually I’m not a fan of plane spotting, cause I can’t rate the pics!
There are photos showing planes about to land or whatever, and I’m always thinking “Ok (?)”.

Nothing against you or any other plane spotter, obviously :)

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Does British Airways operate 777-300?

Yes they fly the 777-300ER. Occasionally to JFK

I saw this plane spotting in Seattle (also a good place to planespot, especially with Boing test flights!)

Can I have permission to use that 777-300ER as my iPad background?

You can use any photo as long as you do not claim it as yours or use it to make money.

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