777s and A330s


I’ve been flying a lot recently, and I took some great photos! Hope y’all enjoy! (Click on photos for better res quality)


Server: Expert
Airline: Various
Aircraft: 777 and A330

The new Korean Air 77W blasting out of Seoul

Cruising over SK

Boarding at Riyadh!

Getting ready to start #2

New edit style + Landing at Jeddah

A330 Action!

Busy Sydney

Finally, I saved my favorite/best for last!

And that is it for today, folks! Be sure to let me know which one was your favorite! I am going to try and fly a little more often now, so let me know if you want to join me on a flight for a chance to appear in one of my screenshots!


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The last one is my favorite but they all look great

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These are outstanding!!!

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@Ethan_Brown @parson thanks guys! I appreciate it!!

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riyadh is 3d?? cause you mentioned takeoff from riyadh and objects were visible, unless you meant jeddah

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great pictures. Amazing!!

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How do you make your photos have excellent quality?

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Amazing photos! Love that last one, definitely the best!!

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Amazing! Keep up the good work! 👍

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@Levi_Park @SWAviator @JEN thank you all!!! I’m glad you like them!
@Wurfel Good question! I use a combo of Adobe PSExpress and Google Snapseed to edit my photos. I also used @Suhas Complete Guide to Infinite Flight Photography as a reference on how to edit my photos. Thanks for asking!
@LAX-MRY Also a great question - TBH I might have gotten my ICAO codes of the airports mixed up, so that is the reason for a mistake. I will check my logbook and see which airport is which.

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