777LR 777ER Fuel issues

Thanks, however we both stated “about M0.82”Also I recommend following a flight plan generated by Simbrief as this gives you the correct speed for the correct height at a given point on a flight plan as there are many variables that are affecting your range…not just the speed.

@mo_hecht the Trim affects the pitch of your aircraft during the flight. It is calculated in relation to your CoG depending on how much fuel, passengers and cargo you have on board. As you burn fuel the CoG (centre of gravity) changes and so your trim needs to be altered. The pink line tells you that you have to change the trim so slowly, 5% at a time, change the trim till the line disappears, then you are the best pitch to fly at.

There is a good tutorial to watch which will help you understand it further.


At what speed do you fly?? The recommended in the Boeing 777 (all versions) is 0.80 Mach - 0.85 Mach

As stated previously by @David_Lockwood, following the flight plan paperwork produced by simbrief is the best way to finding an efficient speed.

It gives you information that calculates step climbs and with it the increase in speed that is expected. Normally you would start around FL300 and M0.8, and gradually increase your height and speed as you lose weight.

The flight plan, teamed with an external app such as IF assistant which allows you to program step climbs while you sleep is an absolute beast in stretching an aircraft’s legs. It’s worth noting that no external app automatically adjusts your trim, yet.


Depends on the altitude?

Hmm… The thing I found wasn’t only this but it was also that the estimated flight time of B777-200LR is around 18 hours like you said but then the B77W is around 19 hours… Isn’t the B777-200LR supposed to fly longer than the B77W?

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IRL a +/- 2000’ difference from your optimum cruise level will result in increased fuel burn up to 4%! A greater deviation from your optimum will increase the fuel burn exponentially!

Weight obviously has a massive factor in the burn rate. Trim and turbulence, winds, engine age, fuel type, climb rates etc. etc. etc.

I’ve often sat after loading the FMC to have the EICAS ‘Insufficient Fuel’ warning up on the centre screen. This is cleared when the FMC winds are entered. Gives you an idea of how sensitive the 777 is to winds aloft and levels!


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I also experienced the same thing, when I flew from Auckland to Doha, I used the Qatar B77L plane. Before takeoff the fuel was around 91%, and 5 minutes later after departing from NZAA, fuel had reached 89%, although Vertical Speed was not too extreme. And my opinion, B77L aircraft, is a bit wasteful on fuel, and that’s also based on my experience😀🙂😉

Oh @Yuan_Tugo what would you know about flying the triple 7 😝

I think the 77L is actually fairly accurate - I’ve flown AKL-DOH before with no problem. The 77W, however, has a fuel issue and it actually burns too little fuel. I managed SIN-EWR with it, with a decent load of pax and cargo and M18 on SimBrief and landed with more fuel than planned.

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