777F transparent texture issue

I’m currently flying from KLAX-KMIA on the 777F DHL livery and when I entered the runway and during my departure, I noticed that I could see the runway lights through the cockpit on departure and when i was in the air right after departure, I could see lights of the neighbouring airports through the cockpit. Please let me know if you can reproduce this. In the third picture, you can’t really see it at first glance so try increasing your brightness, you’ll see lights of neighbouring airports.

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Hello! This is a known issue and has been noted by the devs. Thanks for the report


I have the exact same issue, but the runway lights shine trough *all *my planes. Idk if you have this issue with other planes too, but I do.


Well I’m mid flight so I can’t try it with other aircraft but will try in some time

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I would highly recommend you check the reply above by Mr-plane-guy1. It has been noted internally and the developers are hard at work trying to fix it.

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Yea I saw it thanks

I have the same problem

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