777F Stall bug

Sometimes when flying with the 777F the aircraft will just stall and go into a nosedive.

All parameters are correct and there is no issue with being too heavy or too slow.
This has happened at the end of long hauls and when simply spawning in freeroam.
It doesnt happen all the times, for example, for some odd reason the FedEx livery doesnt stall but the Lan Cargo and Saudia Cargo always stall immediately.
Sometimes they are unrecoverable sometimes they are recoverable.



Hello there,
Is the autopilot on when you start to/before you stall?
What speed and altitude are you at and what is your load?

Hi, the best chance of getting to the bottom of this is if you could upload any images of the event, and/or preferably a video:


Autopilot is off and the speed is at 140 Knots. I have tried with various loads and it even stalls at ‘light’ weight. Alititude is around 2500.

Could you upload a video showing your landing? That would help us pinpoint your issue.


What is your flap setting at 140kts?