777F issue

Alright so I didn’t know where to put this topic but here it is.
My issue is on the 777F every-time I go to rotate at a certain it starts to veer off to on side, even in solo with no wind or anything on like wind gust and turbulence. It just veers off to one side and all I do is pull up on the yoke, anyone have this problem and is there a way to fix it.


Have you tried calibrating your device before taking off?

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Yeah multiple times


I would check out this post by @Asher. This is an issue that appears to be unsolved, but you’re not the only one experiencing it. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

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Hmmm alright very interesting and I’m surprised it hadn’t been fixed but oh well.

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If you can provide reproducible settings for it that would be a start. Weight, fuel (both tanks), speed, wind, etc. It is hard to fix something if they can’t reproduce it.


It’s already been reproduced sooo

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I’ve had this exact same issue. replicated it with all b777 and the F variant was the only one to do this. Yes my device was calibrated. Yes I was using the same TOW and rotation speed for every plane and yes I had no wind. This is an actual physics issue with the B77F and is honestly incredibly disappointing considering at fedex virtual it’s the main aircraft we fly. People need to accept the existence of this issue or IF will never fix it. I’m going to create a video showing the issue.


So what is your Vr? I recommend no more than 175 at MTOW.

Does it turn the same direction every time? Which direction?


left every time

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I have had this in solo also when the 777 went live. I just figured it was me screwing up. I had it w/ the 757 too which is what I don’t use it.

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although unrealistic to use below 400 ft , engage heading mode on the AP as soon as the condition starts. This will lock the aircraft into a stable wings level condition and heading. You maybe off the runway heading but can adjust as nessary to correct for this or engage LNAV as soon as possible to join your flight plan.

Until this is looked into by IF and corrected if needed , maybe this will help. If under ATC departure intructions
obviously heading adjustments can be made.

this has happen to me also, and if I couldn’t regain aircraft control myself, I ended my session and started again.

I will try to document the parameters to help look into this more. If and when it occurs, so maybe we can get this resolved one way or another.

thanks for bringing this problem up !


Real world Boeing data for the 77F at 760,000 lbs
is as follows :

Flaps 5
V1 176 Vr 185 V2 192

Flaps 15
V1 175 Vr 184 V2 190

I think I lost the source data for this numbers
but I copied them awhile back made a chart and use them without issues.

I have also used IF Passengers to auto call out Vr and had no problems at varying weights including close to MTOW.

I use 15 for heavy takeoffs… Sorry about that, I meant V1

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Yes I also use flaps 15 when close to MTOW
thanks !

Use your rudder to compensate.

I have actually never had this issue

Sure but it’s still broken lol