777F issue

When flying the 777F I noticed 2 minor issues.

777F L1 door. When you open door L1 the handle and animations do not seem to work, and I was wondering if anybody else noticed?

I also noticed when I takeoff in the 777F the nose pulls to the left. I was doing this in solo and had the wind set to 0kts. Has anybody else noticed this?

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Yeah they know that they did this. I think it saved a little time in development but they are aware and it seems to be intentional for now.

What speed are you rotating at?

About 180, but it has happened every takoff, at many different speeds

180 is wayyyyy too fast. That probably explains it. The faster you go on the ground the more sensitive input are thus why you may be turning to the left. Try rotating at around 140kts. I’ll try to reproduce on my end.


So you said it happens at different speeds. Can you confirm that your weight selections are synchronized? Having more weight on one side of the aircraft makes it vulnerable to veer in that direction especially rotating at speeds like 180kts.

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True the problem only occourd at higher speeds, but I was at 93% load, and I could not rotate at 140kts, and this only occurs on the 777F

Yes the weight was synchronized

Seems like you aren’t generating enough lift. What flap selection are you using then? That can help you rotate and generate more lift.

5 degrees flaps

This is actually something I have been experiencing as well; even at normal rotation speeds, the 77F nose pulls to the left regardless of winds.

@infiniteflight_17 , I would try hopping into solo and taking off with the 77F in 0kt winds to see what we mean; it’s not too much of an issue, but it isn’t something that I have noticed on any of the other 777 family aircraft.


I’m trying it rn actually. ;)

William, I’m going to try and takeoff with flaps 5° and 15° to see if there is a difference. Will rotate at an appropriate speed on my end so our results may vary.


So I see some veering once I rotate or raise the nose with flaps 5° but cannot reproduce with flaps 15°. Can any of you catch the issue with flaps 15° selected? Going to test other 777 variants to see if it’s variant specific.

If I’m over 70% load I always use flaps 20°. Also be sure to use a fair amount of trim in order to have more leverage when rotating.

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Yes, so I have not noticed it on any other 777 varients, and am going to try it with 15 degree flaps

Edit: so I was able to find the issue with 15 degree falls but I was on MTOW and had to rotate at a higher speed

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If you’re at or above MTOW then you’re too heavy for takeoff. You need to ensure your total weight is below that.

Yeah I’m able to catch this issue below MTOW. Going to see if there is a specific weight where it starts to happen.


Same here, I’m was just at MLW and experienced the issue

honestly, it is not that far off.
At approximately 93% and current LAX conditions for 25R, you are looking at F15 takeoff speeds of 168/172/177

On the other hand, 140 knots would be way too low

Seems like it starts at around 55% load or is more noticeable. 5° Flaps makes it more noticeable.

I would suggest using this guide if you are still having issues with the aircraft veering to the left after takeoff, and I’m sure you do but I’m just going to reiterate calibrating your device after you line up on the runway right before takeoff. I spend 95% of my time on IF flying the 777’s and haven’t experienced this issue, I use these guides religiously though.