777 Wingflex & Truck Tilt Edit



I would love to see this implemented in IF

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Congratulations, I really liked your photo, good job.

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How are you doing that?

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Am I the only one that still does not understand why they call it a ‘Truck Tilt’?

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No, you’re not 😂


I spent about 2 hours in Photoshop.

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Oh thank god.

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The gear look great, the wings though, are ok, I mean they’re good, but atleast to me it looks as though you’re just changed the angle at the base, or the eingens, and so it doesn’t bend out towards the tip whare it should be bending the most. Great job though! I couldn’t do half as good…

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Do you know how to add contrails? Is there anyways you could teach me this

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Nice little edit, could you do a wing flex on a 747? Maybe from a wing view or a front on view? 😋

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I will try my best, I am already working on the 747 actually, but the truck tilt is taking me a while.

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I’m not sure about contrails, but I could try. It is quite simple to do an edit like this, but takes time. Sure I could teach you but it would take a long time.


If you look at photos of real 777’s, the wings don’t flex like thee A330. They kinda of just fold up and curve little bit. The wings in my edit are a little fat though, and I could not fix it.

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What app do you use?

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I use Photoshop CC, but any Photoshop will work. I use the warp tool to flex the wings and a little secret of mine for the truck tilt.


Sick edit my dude! Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you!

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Do you know how to addcontrails on mobile maybe using brushes by any chance?

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I think you can, but I am not sure what app you would use.


Amazing! Lovely edit

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