777 Wingflex & Truck Tilt Edit


Hey everyone! Yesterday I did an A330 truck tilt edit. But today, I decided to improve the Boeing 777-300er a bit. What I did was add wingflex and truck tilt. I had to redraw/build some parts of the aircraft, so that is why some parts may look a little weird. Hope you all enjoy!



Please rate my edit and tell me what plane I should try to improve next!

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This is very good!

Nice editing! :D


Thank you!

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do a 747 pLEASE

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Good idea! The truck tilt on that aircraft is quite weird so it may take me a while.

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Very impressive! Just makes me want truck tilt even more!


Omg, looks pretty realistic now 😍
Hope it will someday look like this!
Astonishing work!


Yeah 😅 I want it bad too!

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Thanks a lot! I put a lot of time into this so I am happy it worked out well.

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Oh cool I am good with that

Means it will be quality:)

can you give me a link to your a330 one thx

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There you go :D I don’t think that edit is as good though. I like this one much better.


Dude this is a hell of an edit! Probably the best one I’ve seen (no offense to the others). Would be so excited for this if they did it!

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Thanks so much! Any ideas for a next plane that I should do? I am thinking A380 or 757. (of course 747)


Why not all of them? 😉😂

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Oh boy, way to use all my free time 😂

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Dude amazing editing right there with the wingfliex and the truck tilt! Good work! Definitely a 10/10

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Also I vote that the next one could be either the a380 or the 757. Although I lean more to the a380. Would be awesome to see the “giant of the skies” with some truck tilt and wing flex on IF

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I will try my best, I think thee A380’s truck tilt will be a bit difficulty, but the wingflex wont. Warping the wing to its “flexed” state is hard to make it not look bad.

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Definitely is quite a challenge to work on the a380 but I’m sure it will turn out great!

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Nice edit! I would suggest doing a wing flex on the 747.