777 Wing/wing box adjusments

After using the 777 for one day now I couldn’t help but notice that the wing, its positioning and some proportions are off from the real life counterpart. The most critical however being that the whole wing assembly sits too high on the fuselage.

Using two similar photos, one can notice that the red stripe passes the wing continuously past the wing while the IF version has it cut off (and no its not the camera angle that produces that). This then validates a following observation that the distance between the wing and window line is too close. I cannot comment on wing thickness, though some elsewhere have stated it seems bigger that in real life.

The wing position has ramifications for livery application, of which several of us have raised issues with regards to that, and the camera positions feeling lower than the previous version.

This post is only to raise awareness to these issues, and I am not demanding a fix to this immediately. But it would be nice to get these issues addressed at some point.

Thanks for reading, and thank you IF for the update-overall I’m really enjoying it!


Also, the ‘AA’ colors on the tail are flipped


Hopefully this gets fixed when they patch other bugs. (Not a complaint I’m really enjoying the update.)

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This is just one of a few flaws I’ve noticed. Not that I’m not happy with the rework, but some things that seem like they could’ve been fixed by double-checking with a quick Google image or YouTube video.

I wasn’t sure where else to put these, so here goes:

  • Wing box (as pointed out in this thread)
  • AA flipped colors (and a few other minor issues with painting on various liveries)
  • Inboard ailerons that only act as flaps (should assist the turning as well)
  • Gear retraction/deployment process is nowhere close to accurate
  • Gear behavior on rotation is odd, although this could be a result of unfamiliarity with truck tilt implementation as it is still in its beginning stages
  • Aircraft touches down at 3 feet AGL, making it quite difficult to judge landings

Again, I love the update and am super happy with the work done so far, however as they go through and add the other 777 variants I’d love to see at least some of these relatively simple fixes* get added along the way.

*Obviously I’m not a developer so I’m not sure how complicated these changes would be in practice


Also in the cockpit the Engine cutoff switches are off and the starters are set to GND.

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Keep in mind that these are very minor corrections.

Also, the AA colours in the tail may have been flipped for legal, copyright issues too. In that case, there’s nothing anybody could do really? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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I’m sure if that was the case, the current livery would have some copyright workaround too. Which it doesn’t seem to.


Hi, thank you for your report!

We are aware of this issue and the developers are looking into it.

Enjoy the update!