777 Wing view

Hi there! This is my first post so please excuse me for any mistakes.

With the new reworks of the 777-family I was wondering if we could still have a left wing view that is overlooking the wing a little from behind instead or in addition to sitting on top of it (like with the new 777-200 and A350). Like we have on most aircrafts where we sit a little behind the left wing. This way we will have both a view of the landscape and the wing.

Like this



Hi Simon!

Welcome to the IFC. That’s a really nice idea. Additional camera angles would be cool, especially for our movie creators.

Here on the IFC we have the #features category. In it, you can create feature requests like this and people can vote for them to show there support. However, in order to create a Feature request you need to be at Trust Level 2 here on the community. At the moment, you’re at Trust Level 1.

I know it sounds a bit confusing but it’s actually very easy! Have a look at the topic below, it explains you everything about Trust Levels. And in the Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community Topic, you can find even more information about the IFC and how everything works around here.

Feel free to send one of us moderators a message if you have any further questions!

Thank you! We’re looking forward to your contributions 😊✈️