777 Wing Issues

As the title suggests the recently reworked 777 family has a couple of issues with its wings. For example :

The angle of attack/ thickness of the wing :
Here is a real example. This is a British Airways 777-300ER (G-STBG.) Take note of where the wing meets the fuselage (slightly above where the blue belly paint begins)

Now here’s an example from Infinite Flight :


As you can see the wing meets the fuselage at a noticeably higher point that it does on the real aircraft. This is especially apparent when you look how close the wing is to the windows. This is the same for each variant of the 777.

The leading edge of the wing is also missing the Krueger flap. This is a slat which sits on the inboard side of the engine. Here is an example I have drawn (badly) onto the IF 777.

Finally an issue with the fuselage and not the wing. For some reason when you look at the 777 head on you get these weird black lines appear on the fuselage joins. Here’s an example :


Other than the issues highlighted above it think this update is/will be great. Especially the new camera angles which allow us to choose even more angles to see the plane from. The 777-200LR was also a great surprise! Thanks.


At the moment, only showstoppers and performance issues should be reported. Aircraft issues aren’t supposed to be reported.

Additionally we have this documented already. Thanks.