777 wing flex

Its only fair for 777 fans like myself get the 787 feature that is the wing flex.


I want wingflex on every plane:)


This is a duplicate. Even though it’s a different plane your talking about, it’s still the same concept.


Who knows!?Devs ofcourse…maybe they will or wouldn’t… Let’s be patient…and yes This is a duplicate btw

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I know this thread is old, but if there’s ANY aircraft they should add wing flex and gear suspensions to next…

It 100% should be this one.

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The developers said that their overall goal is to include wingflex on all aircraft that have it IRL

It’s just the question of when the B777 will get wingflex

This may be a duplicate…

The 777 is such a amazing plane I hope they make it have wing flex and better suspension and an interior

This topic was created 2 years ago… No chance for it being a duplicate:)

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Wingflex to the 777-series will most likely come with a proper rework of the aircraft in the future unless FDS has other plans… but it is a matter of time when they do it :)

And @Delta319, @Alpster is correct, this one is the oldest topic that requests wingflex for the 777, the you linked is considered more to be a duplicate ;)

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Stop bickering about whether or not this is a duplicate, it has been stated multiple times, we get it! Now let a mod decide what to do…