777 vs a350

The A350 has a unique wing design that helps with low speed handling and increases lift
Yes that’s not physics

yes ik the A350 burns less fuel
but it burns my eyes and makes me vomit

777 is much better

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and that is physics

Didn’t you spot the irony

The 777 will dry your eyes up like the sahara

oh yes
spotted it lol

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That’s the A350

nope it makes me fall in love with the 777
A350 makes me nauseates me and burns my eyes

that thing the A350,

The 777 is soooo uncomfortable on 15+ hour flights

Thats the A350
777 is much more comfortable, until the A380 steps in ofc

and who doesnt like the magnificient growl of the GE90?

For me

Who says a plane must have GE90 to be good
The 747 doesn’t have it

Not. Even. Close.

According to technical websites for both the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350, the fuel burn for the 777 family is from 26.3 to 27.3 pounds per mile. The A350 is 21.4 to 25.1 pounds per mile. If we take the average of that, which would be 26.8 for the 777 family and 23.2 for the A350 family. That’s not even 15%. Additionally, the mpg for the 777 is 72-97 while the A350 84-97. So overall the 777 is more efficient on this basis. And if you are wondering, both of these are based within 350 nautical miles of range.


no one
thats the 777s signature lol

Who says that
Both are long range aircraft
So should be compared over ~2000+ miles
Not even fair
Even the A320 is compared at more than 1000


777 is better
can i have the link?


What, no? 350 is the range difference between them, both were in the 6000-6500nm range

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