777 vs a350

i love comparing planes so lets do this. What do you guys like and not like about the a350 and the 777


a350 and up?
i hate the raccoon mask, it looks disgusting

as for the 777 series? perfectly fine, its your average plane

People, lets not try to cause a Boeing vs Airbus argument


I like everything :) The A350 and the 777 are the best Planes in my Opinion 😃


The A350 is the most stylish plane in my opinion. It has a sleek face mask, and a beautiful shape as well as gorgeous engines and sharklets.
The B777 is kinda too average for my taste as it’s way too common. I guess the wings which are massive are the best thing about it in my opinion.


I like both. Which is best comes up to opinion, for me, it is the B777 as it can be used for medium and long hauls and it is very fuel-efficient

A359 is so lazy when it comes to climbing


I choose DC-10.

Alright fine I’ll answer the question. 777 all the way — it’s a much better overall plane in my opinion.


Love the A350 but srry 777 is the goat tbh especialy with the X coming out

the 777 is a beautiful, elegant and efficient plane
i can say the same for the A350

but for me, it’s the 777 for sure

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Are such topics even allowed? I know the mods are trying to crack down on such commentary topics that don’t add much to the IFC and are kind of “like-harvesting” topics. Seems like this will get closed very soon…

To answer the question though, right now, I’m in more of a 777 phase, so I’ll go with B777s 😅


A350: Flying computer.

777: Absolute workhorse and an aviation mainstay.

I think my answer’s clear.


Honestly, I like both. The 777 is marvelous for long range, and is a butter machine. As for the A359, is very fuel efficient, and is useful for ultra-long hauls.

But, there is something:

In the 777, on full power, It can reach 100kts in 5-8 seconds, but the A359 don´t.

Aaaand, I don’t like ruining but I don’t think that those things of Boeing vs Airbus are allowed. It could cause controversial discussions. We have Boeing fans and haters, and Airbus fans and haters


Is there a problem with discussing the planes that we like? I haven’t seen any heated things yet here, so in my opinion, you shouldn’t post it unless there is an actual argument that has started.

Anyways, I like the 777 more, it’s a beauty to fly. However, I think the A350 will soon takeover the 777 as it’s more modern in real life.

Edit: I forgot that the 777X is coming out soon, so that might not happen. I hope not.

It’s B777s for me every time, the Queen of the Skies (that used to be B747). No contest, the GE90 engine family with 777s is the best there is. Technological marvel and an absolute beast! Greater MTOW than A359.
I like A359 for the sleek design but it’s more computerised than B777s.
I like the feeling of heavy take offs with amazing sounds. The A359 doesn’t give me the same feeling even when at MTOW. It’s quieter and actually I would put B787 in the same category since they are built with light materials for the hull design.

As of now, my favorite would be the 777. Its just such an amazing plane, not to mention the GE90’s, the best sounding engines IMO. But with the 777-9x constantly being delayed many airlines are looking at the a350-1000 as a possible replacement.

The a350 is a really nice plane, I just favorite the 777

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This is a controversial topic in the aviation world but ig i will answer😂

The A350 is better looking than the 777, but 777 is my baby. And how can we just ignore the GE90s? 777 all the way

I like both planes to be fair.

The A350 is extremely efficient and advanced, which may take the “flying” aspect a tiny bit out of flying, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s also a very sleek and stylish plane, especially with that raccoon mask.

The 777 is definitely a workhorse and a very versatile aircraft, being used as both passenger and cargo transport, but it is of course an ageing design, not saying that’s a bad thing, just pointing it out.

Both are brilliant long range aircraft that can transport a lot of people, so they’re both great in my opinion.

I’m also not good at choosing one or the other in any circumstance, so…

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A350 very boring to fly and 777 never get tired of flying that beauty!


Defo 777 especially the -300ER simply because of the extremely long takeoff rolls 🤤