777 too big for LaGuardia airport?

I’m in New York, expert server and have requested approach to LaGuardia but atc have twice told me my 777 is too large for the airport but when I check on the map and click the airport it doesn’t say that it’s too big

What’s all that about?

If they say it is too big then it is too big. Duh… and, common sense. The reason we have JFK is to take up the slack for LGA


In reality, the largest aircraft that can land there is a 757, and in some rare circumstances, a 767. A 777 is far too big.

Go to JFK or EWR instead if you want to land a heavy there. :)


There is also KEWR (Newark)


Evidence to the contrary;)


In real life, the 77W is definetly far too large for LGA. Although no matter what, you should always follow ATC instructions.

'Circa 1961 runway 13/31 was shifted northeastward to allow construction of a parallel taxiway (such amenities being unknown when LGA was built) and in 1965–66 both remaining runways were extended to their present 7,000 ft (2,100 m). -Wikipedia

A 777 needs 10,000 ft at MLW to land at an airport. I wouldn’t want to fly off the runway.

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What’s with the attitude? It’s clearly not too big or the map would state that it is. In fact there’s a post on this forum telling us to check the map just for that very reason.

What’s the point in having atc if they’re going to refuse approach to an airport based on air craft size when it’s not deemed too big.

Also, I don’t remember anyone saying la Guardia was off limits. You seem to be saying I should just know that they’re busy and should go to another airport. If it’s because they’re busy then fair enough but why reject approach due to aircraft size but continue to take approaches from other people?

Nope, there has never been a 787 or larger that has landed at LaGuardia. The taxiways are far too narrow to handle it.

Plus, that’s just a typical FlightRadar24 glitch. It’s actually a 737-800 flying that route. The 787 flies the PEK-ORD leg with a 787-8 which shares that same flight number. ;)


Most airports can’t have large aircraft but it doesn’t always say restricted, don’t base what you can and can’t fly into an airport by this. If ATC on the expert server deny you then accept it because they are highly trained and know what they are doing. I believe the ramp and taxiways are too small for the B777 hence why it is not allowed


It is actually too big. The runway is too short and the taxiways are too narrow. No room for it at terminals, either. Largest thing that flies there is a 757.


Surely if a 777 is too big then the map should reflect that? When you click on the airport it doesn’t say that. I did follow their instructions but was baffled as to why the approach was rejected due to aircraft size. They might want to change that on the map otherwise it’s pretty pointless clicking on an airport to check if the air craft size is too big or not

Read my post above, I clearly say not to rely on this…

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Like I say, they might want to change that as when you click on the airport, it doesn’t say the 777 is too not big. I’m only following the instructions I’ve read on this forum.

The aircraft restriction as it is in the game right now are based on the class of the airport. So it doesn’t reflect real life.


Yes but there’s another post on the forum that’s actually telling is to rely on it! That’s the point.

When you fly big planes from now on, I suggest having a minimum runway length that plane requires and compare it to runway length. You can also do a bit of Googling beforehand, too. :)

So what we’re saying is, checking the size restrictions is pointless and we’ve just to guess?

I feel like we are agueing on something that isn’t a big deal. He made a mistake, it’s pretty much solved so why do you guys keep telling him the Same thing over and over again?

I’m not disagreeing as a 777 is definitely way too big for LGA, but the saying that a 777 needs minimum 11,000 feet is not true.

BOS is served by 77Ws (Emirates) and the longest runway there is just over 10,000 feet.