777 Sudden Pitching down

With the the new 777 after taking off, positive climb and gear up when I engage vertical sped autopilot it suddenly jerks down and then pitches up. Anyone know why this happens?

The autopilot is a bit wonky with the new 777. Last time I checked, it was a known issue.

Cause your vertical speed is different from your autopilot so the autopilot will make you go to that autopilot vertical speed that is very different immediately

Yes but after climbing manually at say 1000V/S and engaging autopilot to 1200V/S it will suddenly dive down

This happens to me too I believe it is a known issue

That sounds in line with what I experienced during Open Beta. I asked a private beta tester during that time, and they said it was known and logged internally.

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First of all, this is a known issue. The autopilot is not very smooth, and does do some sudden movements. Vote here for improvements:

Smooth Autopilot Transitions

However, there are some ways to reduce the movements.

One of the best solution is to make sure you have a set speed before you engage VS. This way, the pitch stays the same. If you don’t, pitch will keep decreasing as the aircraft is getting faster.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys!

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