777 Sound Level Feedback

I do love the new engine sounds of the 777 (along with APU sound as well). BUT I feel the mixing levels are off. I LOVE the wind noise of all the other aircraft. It is a brilliant white noise and feels very real. In the 777, it is in-audible. I set my headphones to full blast and still could not hear it. Second, upon touchdown I can’t here anything. I thought I was floating down the runway but checked my AGL and it was 0. I had no clue that i touched down. This sound is apparent in all other aircraft. Thanks for listening to my feedback.


Hi, I believe you are referring to the cockpit shake sound effect when touching down on the runway. I recall this being an issue with the B777 and that it will be added as soon as possible. Thank you.

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I tried again last night to fly the 777. I love the start up noises but once I’m airborne it just does not sound right. No wind. The background hum sounds fake and repeats even 2 or 3 seconds. I hope it is refined as time goes on.

Thanks for the report. We will make a note.