777’s at KORD

Here are some pictures of 777’s that I got while I was at O’hare.

Please ignore my thumb Lol

Here is my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iphoneplanespotter/


Wow! Looks great! They’re really low and close up to you.

Yeah this was taken when they were just about to land about 100ft above me.

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Love the ANA Cargo 777F

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Wow, that first picture is an incredible shot!


Congratulations you have got my attention from just your first shot! You have chosen a very interesting but awesome place to spot from. I especially like the ANA 777, also all of the shots were great!

Thanks! This is my first time spotting from this spot and I’m am for sure going to go back.

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Nice thumb

Lol jk nice shots, love the 777 😄

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Thanks, glad you liked them!

Nice shots!

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