777 rudder animation

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I’ve discussed this a long time ago but nothing has changed, the animation of the 777 rudder (in all variants) doesn’t work like real life, and my question is that if the IF team will change this?

It’s the animation not the physics!



It looks like you asked this question here.

Chris responded, stating that not every single aspect of the aircraft is animated.

If you would like to vote for this feature, you can continue in the thread I have linked below.

Alternatively, you can replicate rudder deflection by following the steps listed by @Chatta290.

I don’t think he is talking about the animation while parked, I think he is talking about the lower section that is deflecting further then the main rudder as seen in the photo.


Exactly, I hope to not be the only one who noticed this.


I see. My apologies.

@bvv_19s - despite there being a clear cut between the upper and lower rudder, as seen in the image below, IFCLLC would need to develop a new system that differentiates from the current rudder system (as it’s a different component) for this to work. I assume this wasn’t done during the initial development due to time/resource constraints.

If this is something that you would like to see in the simulator, I suggest browsing through the #features category to see if there are any topics that cover this. If not, feel free to make a topic. Just be sure to meet the criteria for this specific category.

Again, my sincere apologies for the misunderstanding on my end. Have a good one.

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Well the DC and MD aircraft has split rudders on IF, and it works without any trouble, that’s why I find it weird that on the 777s don’t.

Even the A380 has split rudder animation.

But thx for being this respectful, you don’t see that everyday😂


Oh, wow. I never knew that! Probably because I’ve flown those aircraft about one time. 😂

Honestly, I don’t know if I can provide any further information without sounding like a fool. It may have been something that was overlooked during development or never made it into the final release due to an issue. It’s not my place to speak on behalf of the team, so if a staff member wants to answer, I’m sure they will.

Anytime! I hope your question gets answered.


Well, I guess this will be added to the long list of things that IF haven’t fixed. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yes split rudder is needed on the 777


Still not fixed 😑

Really annoying when we consider the 777 is the second newest aircraft on the sim!

@ivan_aviation Yeah the ‘most realistic mobile simulator’ is a joke

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What would you call more realistic out of question? :)


@Ecoops123 Aileron Droop split rudder Aileron spoilers flaps ailerons fixed liveries Custom sounds you know what the community wants and the response is always not now or wait but if not now then when it could be years I don’t want to make out that IF is bad but It can always be better I understand that they can’t add all the coustom sounds but it can’t be that hard to fix liveries and add some flap spoilers aileron and rudder animations that would make the IF experience so much better


Of course everything can be better, and is the much needed quotation with every game out there. With mobile limitations I can with no doubt say Infinite Flight are doing their absolute best at promising top quality in line with their development and mobile limitations (remembering this is across all modern smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices). The extra details such as the things mentioned above can be pushed down because of many reasons, which can be to do with performance (eg. seats in aircraft), general development of features (such as live cockpits and advanced animations), and a healthy mix of time, which in the A330’s case can cost both a lot of money and taken a lot longer to bring to the public.

In terms of Infinite Flight being realistic, summing up everything in general, the mix of so many various features are yet to come (For example live cockpits and custom engine sounds would be considered new technologies to the game and are yet to be a main focus on). Unfortunately nothing can level off with MSFS quality as both staff, funding, and overall development of a mobile simulator is very different to a much higher allowance on PC.


@Ecoops123 but what about stuff thats already in the game like Flap ailerons on the 767 747 and 787 or aileron spoilers like on the 787 or split rudder like on the A380 and MD-11 why are we not seeing this on newer aircraft and aileron droop is a pretty easy thing to add

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Nothing is easy to add if you were to realize the amount of work they do on the side.

These aircraft will eventually see their reworks. Patience is key. Not everything can be worked on as soon as it’s found out.

You wouldn’t be using that much rudder on any occasion so why worry about it.

Ok but what about the aileron spoilers on the 787 and Inner ailerons on the 787?
Why don’t we see this on the A330 and 777 respectively

This topic is just going in circles.

At the end of the day, @Ethan_Brown , you are not a developer. To you, something like this likely seems easy and insignificant, however as they are not major issues, it’s not likely at this immediate point in time they will be fixed.

It’s not uncommon in development to fix one thing and simultaneously break many other things at the same time, and then you would just have more things to complain about.

These are all very minor things that, at the end of the day, really don’t make a difference on the realism aspect. If you’re that concerned about small things like this, perhaps a mobile simulator isn’t for you. You aren’t going to find a more realistic mobile simulator, period.


Exactly patience I fully agree with you they just don’t understand how much is put into it

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