777 rudder animation not fixed!

Hey guys, hope y’all good, I know this details may not matter to many, but this is hilarious, and I’m not happy with this

The rudder needs to be fixed!, it’s just the animation, the physics work well.

They said they will fix it as well the wings, but we have received another update and nothing was fixed, and why would we need to vote for a fix like this? That’s a nonsense.

I’m just telling that this haven’t been fixed and is really annoying that nothing is being done in order to correct it, users who pay IF pro deserve the aircraft with its animations.



I believe they said it was limited due to animation processes, not “we will fix it”… if you could show me where they said that, I’d be happy to check it out.

There’s quite a few issues with the 777, not just the rudder animation.

  • Fan blades

  • Wing thickness

  • Gear tilt

  • Etc.


It looks like that would be additional ‘realism’,not a fix to the aircraft.

I’m just gonna repeat what i said yesterday in another topic;

Visual issues of minor impact are not prioritized since they do not impact the usability of the aircraft in any way. When possible, it will be fixed. No timeframe is set for that and none has been promised in the past either.

Creating several topics about it won’t help either ;)


The excuses doesn’t work either, but I guess you’re right.


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What excuses? Please share one.

The fact that is not fixed…

That’s not an excuse. That’s a fact, yes. But not an excuse.
Excuse would be any of us coming up with some half-lame reason for it not being fixed. I just told you the reason why it’s not. Other things are prioritized :)


This is the excuse


Then why is not fixed, they fixed the flaps issue, but not the rudder.

I just want them to know that this needs to be fixed in order to fully enjoy the 3d model the artists took months to complete.

this was been address long way ago on Livestream which fixing a small bug / issue will create a bigger one.

Two different things. Animations aren’t work/broken. They need to be coupled correctly with various actions etc.

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It’s like writing a long essay, but not fixing any grammatical errors. Yeah, it’s a “visual” issue and can be looked past and the essay might still be able to be understood. However, in the end, when you get your essay graded, it might not score very well because of those errors that were just “visual”.

My point is that visual stuff matters too 😉

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So the conclusion is?

We don’t care about this details, just wait if somehow is fixed.

I can live with that, just if they’d eventually correct it.

No one saying it isn’t. Otherwise we could do our 3D models in 2 weeks, release them and be done with it.

At some point, yes. It’s not like our goal is to release half-made products… but sometimes there are various limitations that forces us to cut back on certain things, at certain points.


Okay, besides the debate, I just want them to know we notice this things, and hopefully fixed.

One important aspect of IF is it’s realism (and what makes it successful), don’t screw it up by leaving this things forgotten.


And the best way to do that is to report when found. But that’s all you need to do. Bumping things won’t make it go any faster :)

Realism entails flying the aircraft from the interior/cockpit area, so it’s not like the functionality of the aircraft itself is affected by the visual modeling. It still works normally.

Inquiry handled, answered & discussed :)