777 rework

Has the 777 rework been released. I’ve looked at every 777 and none have had live cockpit. Unless they don’t have live cockpit, I haven’t been paying attention to the thread. Has it been released yet?

No it hasn’t.

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The simple answer is no.

There have been no official announcements on any IF social media platforms, nor has it been seen in app stores.

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Ok thanks everyone!!!

Nah but I think if there haven’t been any announcements it would be obvious right?

There really isn’t a point in this thread. It will be ready when it is ready, there will be announcements when it is done. These things take time, and lots of work, so be patient.

@Aviation3 You can view the development timeline here:

That will tell you how far along they are with it.

Was just asking.


I would suggest you pay attention first and read the thread, before making a topic about it.
As a general rule of thumb always try to find the answer for yourself before making an entirely new thread.
Edit: I’ll add that one step I forgot was: ask on a relevant thread that is open already, like the 777 Rework development thread


I know but next time look first, if there is no announcement and the 777 hasn’t changed in game, then it would make sense that it hasn’t been updated right?

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