777 Rework without pro

My Pro subscription ends on Oct. 14, but I bought the 777-300ER in 2015 when you could buy each aircraft. When the 777 rework is released will I have the reworked version without pro or will I still have the current version? thanks!

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it may not because it will probably require pro. IDK

I believe if you have purchased an aircraft before global if you hit restore when your sub runs out, you might be able to still get the aircraft you bought however don’t quote me as i could be wrong, i know that option was removed with global release but without pro i believe you can still access the planes you bought, hopefully a mod/staff member can confirm or deny this and then you’d have a solid 100% answer…

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You can still access aircraft you previously purchased, however i dont know what will happen with the rework.

When I didn’t have Pro in July I still had the 777 and 757 which I bought a few years ago


Negative, I have several aircraft purchased, and when my live ends I have access to them

Okay, I understand. What I don’t understand is why more than 1 person had to say something about it. If someone already said something about it, no need to repeat it.

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You should still have the reworked version since the old version will be completely decommissioned. As long as you have had the aircraft purchased prior, you should be good to go when the aircraft is reworked.

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The 777 Rework won’t be released until early to mid 2020, don’t forget.

It may come earlier than the A350 depending on the development road up ahead

No need for speculation. It’ll be released when it’s ready. The OP received their answer. When the 777 Rework is released, they will get the reworked plane. Because same happened with people and the A320 and those planes. 👍🙂

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