777 rear facing white position lights

Not sure if these will feature in the new rework and don’t think there is a feature request yet for this.

(‘GVA spotter’ YouTube)

I’m sure they’ll add it :)

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That is an APU strobe light I believe near the apu. This as we’ve seen before was updated with the soft rework of the 737. This seems to be a new addition of reworked/additions to the fleet based on past history. With that we conclude based on past history that this will most likely be an addition to the fully required 777.

Nice request but unfortunately someone has already made a topic about this. Feel free to vote below! 👍

No its a different light, there are two navigation/position lights on the wingtips, plus the strobe lights, and two lights on the tail, one is the APU strobe which flashes and the one below it is the white position light which doesnt flash. I believe the white constant position lights are only used in low visibility or night flying.

Alright I understand better now. The rear light part got me as the APU strobes are toward the rear of the aircraft. Since this is a full rework that is undergoing the team is working as hard as possible to make it as realistic to the real aircraft as possible. I would be surprised to see this not be added to the fully reworked aircraft. :)

Thanks, but only mentions the 77-300 and doesnt mention the tail light. That post also doesnt specify what the light actually is called which I have done.

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I already mention this 3 white nav lights in its request

Nah these are the constant ones on the wingtips

So we have them but they’re very dim.

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Once project metal is introduced hopefully the lights get a rework to be more noticeable and brighter