777 questions regarding takeoff pitch and step climbing

So after takeoff, on an 80% load 777, what degree pitch should I maintain after takeoff? The video says 15 for an a320, but what about 777? Also, what vs should I use when step climbing?

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Hello! A good rule of thumb is to pitch whichever takes you to your desired speed the smoothest and then to pitch to maintain that speed. It will be different each time since wind can also be a factor.

For the A320 tutorial, 15° was a good ballpark because that was the speed that allowed Tyler to maintain his initial climb out speed during that flight. Sometimes, I need to pitch higher; sometimes, I’ll need to pitch lower


thx, and what vs for step climbing?

It depends on your weight and altitude. Assuming that you’re at M .84 and 80% load, I’d start off at about FL300 or 310 and slowly climb your way up at no more than about 600-700fpm to a higher altitude as you get lighter. Climb in small increments of, say, 2000ft though. Don’t go straight to FL360 from 300 or 310 while you’re still heavy.

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Is there anyway to step climb while away?

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Not that I know of (and please correct me if I’m wrong). You have to manually set your altitude and VS to step climb.

At the moment the VNAV function is just for descent control… Looking forward to it being expanded to full flight profile control, FMC style…

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