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Hello IFC

Me and @Canada_ATC were flying to Chicago and we saw a screen to the left of the yoke that has a blinking bar on it like you could input things into it and I’m wondering if that has any purpose are use that you can use it for in-flight!


It is not able to be used in Infinite Flight.

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Just a prop?
What would it be IRL?

It seems to vary from airline to airline. It is described as “an optional side LCD”.


Ok thanks so much just wanted to see if we could play game on it or anything like the a350 or have our flight plan on it or something. C:


Blake | Founder @USA_ATC

Just to add a little something here, pilots usually have their charts there but this functionality is not available in Infinite Flight just yet as mentioned earlier. Maybe one day!

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hope it comes soon C:

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