777 Question

just wanted to ask because the 777 got most voted for the aircraft we want to see next but do they mean by this is it Like Wingflex, Cabin, Strobe timings, cockpit rework and such Or other versions ?


Current standards mean yes everything. No variants though if I use basic knowledge of IF’s development technique - No B77X!


Recent additions and reworks suggest this but nothing has been confirmed as it was just announced.

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Oh I forgot to mention lol yes are they gonna add in ? 77X 👌 no :(( also curious if the 777 is the 3rd aircraft they are gonna work on 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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The current quality of the B777 is fine. I’d say this is a waste of time if the 777X isn’t included. Many of the voters probably voted for the 777 because they think the 777X will be added, not because of the quality of the current 777.


Looks like they are in third gear at the moment. 3 more to go for full throttle!

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That won’t be added. If the A350 only just has enough data after flying for 5 + years how will they have data for one which hasn’t flown yet at all?


I know. Probably not. That’s why I think maybe Jason should have included variants and the results would be different.

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Tbh I’m fine with the 777 and definitely fine with the new aircraft just the a350 that’s more than enough for me 777 is a beauty and definitely needs some attention it’s what a lot of people Use in IF for long hauls

I would love for the 777 to be the first passenger jet in IF to have live instruments. That or the 350.

This means it will be reworked from the ground up to meet the standard of our latest aircraft. Thanks for the question!