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I flew a 777 over Iraq and messed with the time settings a bit. My first ever time trying to take photos and heavily edited them with basic tools because I don’t have any experience. Tell me what you think, which one is the best, and some tips. Thanks!


Also let me know which one you think looks the best

  • First photo
  • Second photo
  • Third photo
  • Fourth photo

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Thanks whoever changed it to the screenshots category whoops

I see nothing wrong with the original pictures to have been heavily edited. I suggest downloading Adobe Lightroom since you can mess with light, color, detail, and effects without having to pay extra.

I’ll try that. Editing and photos aren’t really my thing but like why not give it a try. Thanks for the advice!

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Nice pics, try to make the photos a little bigger, and if you want a moonshot, zoom out a little bit. But nice editing.

Nice shots mate but just some suggestions, use the replay screenshot taker as you can get better looking pictures from it and even change the weather. Also make sure you don’t have any systems in view like in picture 2 I can see how far away the airport is. Also don’t over edit, over editing can make a picture look bad so just a little edit can make a big difference. Other than that they are great.


Love the pictures. The 777 is the best aircraft ever. I liked the second one ;)

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Yeah I couldn’t find a few shots as it was like a 6 hour flight so I had to take the ones from the flight

You can just skip through the replay by touching anywhere where the lottery line is on the slider down the bottom.

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Yeah ik but I wanted to find the specific terrain that it was flying over and I didn’t have much time.

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Or you could watch the whole beautiful flight again

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Not sure why anyone would even come close to doing that.

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Lol as if I had tine

? I just flew from Abu Dhabi to Munich and got some pics

I was replying to @Matt_Croatia001

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Oh woooops

Great shots

Thanks! I feel like they’re pretty bad but whatever lol

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