777 overspeed

Out of all the large jets, the 777 is the least usually fly so I thought I’d give it a try. Great fuel consumption, great power and pretty good performance overall.
Only downside is that it seems to pick up alot of speed on descent compared to other large jets and I picked up a violation ultimately being downgraded to a 2.
This happed even on a steady descend of -1200fpm and Spoilers didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Winds were calm.
Is this a known issue with the aircraft because it’s not updated or is this a normal thing on 777’s? Should I use Spoilers more accordingly along with a better descend plan?

I don’t think it’s a problem with the model, you just need to use spoilers.


Do you fly it often?

Most of the heavies require spoilers when descending or to use a lower VS. Some will slow down and then descend, level off, repeat.


Hey @Sebastian_Arias91 – the B772 is notorious to be a slow descender, so it’s best you plan your descent plan thoroughly.

Here’s my typical descent for the B772, VS between 1800-2200 as needed:

300 KTS @ FL280
280 KTS @ FL180 -flight spoilers armed
260 KTS @ FL140 -flight spoilers armed
250 KTS @ FL120 -flight spoilers armed
245 KTS @ 10000 FT

I usually let gear down on final closer to the 8-mile mark to stabilize the aircraft, particularly the speed. The B772 tends to float on landing, so it’s essential you get your VREF right dependent on your weight.

One other tip – when initiating descent, set your A/P at FL110. This will guarantee you can slow down before entering lower airspace.

Hope this helps!


Hey Tristan, thanks for the info. That’s actually very helpful indeed. I’ll make sure to jot those numbers down on my personal POH and keep them handy for my next flight.

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You need to level off if you think you’re going to overspeed

If you’re flying at speeds like 320-330 IAS, hit the spoilers when you’re at FL150 and you should be good. Also start your descent 20-30nm before the normal descent rate you usually use.

what i do in the game isthat when i use the 777 i put it in 80 percent in take off to take it oof more easily and nicely and in landing i put it in 30 or 40 percent

Yea like chris said, you need spoilers for it or slower descent rate. I usually tend to use lower descend rate.

Spoilers full or spoilers armed? Just curious, i usually use lower descent rates so I haven’t needed spoilers.

Flight spoilers should be used during descent. Arming spoilers only occurs when on final, as they activate upon touchdown.


Thats what I thought. Thanks!

There are a couple of real life 777 pilots on this forum who say that the model is pretty close to the real life physics. In real life the Tripe 7 is known for being slippery so you need to manage your descent profile even morse so than other aircraft.


I forget which episode covers this in Flightcast, but the the 777 is notorious for it’s slow deceleration during decent. I personally notice this as well with the DC-10/MD-11. But I do love the challenge it provides, specially in high altitude airports.


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