777 over the snow! And emergency landing

Hey! So today I’ll tell you a story, enjoy! 👋🏻

So, yesterday any friend @Benja_Aviation and I wanted to do a formation flight! If you didn’t know, I love moonshots and formation flights.

We decided to do it with the Swiss 77W, everything was going as planned until… ⚠️ Min. Fuel ⚠️

We were in the middle of nowhere, no big airports that can handle a 77W, and the nearest small airport (but can’t handle a 777) was 20 nm… well, that’s what I thought…

Vancouver was the nearest airport that can handle a 777, but I only had 10% of fuel remaining… after some minutes trying to find the nearest airport or a safe place to land… the engines stopped…

I immediately reacted and looked for a safety place to land, there was a river, so I immediately turned left and tried to land.

I was very close to the ground and ready for the landing… and then…

💥Boom💥 we touched the ground!

I really hope you enjoyed this story, I had fun taking the following pics! If you want more please let me know, you’re free to use these pics. You don’t have to give me credit, but you can do it if you want to!

Flight info. ✈️

Route: CYVR-N/A
Plane: Swiss 77W
Sever: Expert

📷 Pics! 📷



Formation with @Benja_Aviation!

Emergency! Engines shutdown.

Looking for a safety place to land!

💥 Touch down! 💥

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed!


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This is cool but um… Why were you flying the Swiss 77W on the West coast of Canada?


The scenery is amazing there! 😍

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Alright then. I don’t have anything against it. Except why not use the Air Canada 77W?

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Why not?

Cool photos @EdCruz, did you get any violations from that landing?

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Are u sure that’s a river 😂
Lol nice pics

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Fortunately not! 😝

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Lol I forgot to say something! The river wasn’t bigger enough and it was too close to a mountain! 😅

I also forgot to say there was an airport right next to me… I noticed too late when I was already in the ground. 🤦‍♂️


Nice pictures lol.

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Thank you! 😝

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I think a 777 can’t accommodate a grass airstrip lol

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These are amazing photos!

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I don’t think you can get a taxi violation if your gear isn’t down lol

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Oh wow amazing 🤩

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Wow, amazing shots 😍Love the tail/moon shot

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Thank you @MJP_27, @xsrvmy, @Silverlink, and @IF_AMERICA_DO_SUL! 😋

True @DatAviation_340YT 😝


This reminds me of when I made an emergency landing in the Pacific.


😳 Did your crew got rescued?! 😝

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@EdCruz several hours later. I changed my callsign to SOSHELP after landing.

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