777 Or A350

I’m still having trouble to decide between the A350 and the 777 on which is the best to fly and best to fly on long distances. Opinions anyone?

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A350 has more fuel storage, I think its about 21 hours.


Cool, thanks for the info


Well, the 777 is newer so has better technology from a IF point of view. I think the A350 has a slightly longer range though.

Know which piloting mood you’d prefer, either way the only difference you’ll experience are when taking off and landing.

In my personal opinion: Boeings if you prefer a slippery speedster and Airbuses if you’d prefer to chill and float.


The 772 is the most recently updated aircraft so will contain the most up-to-date features such as animated service doors and realistic engine sounds, however choosing between them will come down to your personal preference and also if you want to replicate a realistic route with a certain livery or if you just want to do a random long haul to explore. The A350 has a longer range though.

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I believe the A350 has the capacity for roughly 22-23 hours of flight, and I believe the 777 is a few hours short of that.


There prob isn’t much of a difference in range within IF, but in real life the a350 would have longer range than the 772ER. The 772LR is a different story

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In terms of range, they should both be sufficient for just about any flight you want. I haven’t maxed the new 772 but I know the old one could make it anywhere with full fuel/low payload. The A350 can as well quite easily. I think the model of the 777 is better than the A350 (but obviously not perfect):

             (IRL, 2013 model, 2020 model)

                        (IRL, 2019 model)


So that might be a consideration for you as well. Either way they’re both great choices!

That bias I smell? Haha I’m joking maybe :)
But yeah I believe it really depends on your mood and because no lie I sometimes to fly the A350 not for range or fuel capacity but for handling. Same reason goes for the 772. Each plane presents its own challenge and whichever you’d like to battle at that time is what I suggest you go for.

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Biased either way.

When I feel too badass to land a floating kite.
Just kidding… maybe :p

But my most loved (with live instruments) are:

Personally I’m not a fan of flying the A350, not a fan of the flight deck so I’d much rather fly the 777 but sometimes if I find a great flight operated by the 350 I’ll take it for a ride

The 777 uses 50% more polygons, making it more detailed than the A350 I believe.

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