777 Livery Colors

I’ve noticed that after the 20.1 hot fix, the colors on all the 777 livery’s got less shiny and dull. It’s nothing too serious that will make me not want to fly the 777 but just wondering also if anyone else has noticed this too?


I have the same problem!

This may be due to the hotfix released some time ago that fixed other issues, while causing this issue. Anybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but this may be the case. It would help to know what livery in particular you are referring to.

If what I think you’re talking about is the case, it has been noted and should be fixed at a later date.

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This should have been fixed already as noted by Laura here:

I would check to make sure you have downloaded the second and most recent hotfix as well.

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The anti aliasing kinda helped

Did this fix the AA chrome livery where the red and blue A’s were swapped on the tail?

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It did not and that issue may be addressed in a future update. There are other more important things to focus on such as performance and other device limiting factors.


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