777 landing

I had it and I did short and long flights with it. My tip is to start slowing early. It helps stay away from going over 250kts if you are like me and fly at a max height of FL140. But it is a plane that you will need to know the tricks with. I, the unrealistic flying Bulba, I am will have flaps at 5 degrees once at ~12,000 to 10,000ft for slowing down if their isn’t super duper freeway heavy traffic at an airport.

I always hand-fly the approach because It’s easier in my opinion

For me the 737 is way easier for me to land. I can’t crosswind land the 737 and the 777 I can’t

I love landing the 737, I think the bigger planes are easy you have to adjust for weight and speed, I slow down when I’m ready to descend, for me it makes it easier

did you meant

I can crosswind land the 737 and the 777 I can’t? :)

Thank you. I think the answer was more obvious than I realized. Just need to start the decent and slowing much sooner.

Yes that’s what I mean lol it auto corrected

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Practice makes perfect but you will never get perfect without doing it again

I had trouble too, but when I descend I keep my flaps at a low degree (1 or5) to prevent too much speed.

Is that for real or just on the game?

Make sure you are below MLW on approach, makes the plane slow down easier

Have a read through the following, same basics covered which works across all aircraft.

The 777 is a slippery beast and you will often need speed brake in light winds! The saving grace is that you have two massive engines providing a fair bit of drag at low throttle settings but I don’t know how accurately that is modeled in this game.

Remember that the landing weights of the medium jets (A320, 737) are under 100 tonnes, the 777 will often come in around 200 tonnes with a similar approach speed! Lots and lots more momentum!!!

Slow it early, try and be 160kts at 2000’ and the approach speed (772 approx 140-145kts at 190T, 773 approx 150-155 at 230T) in landing flap and gear down by 1000’ at the latest!

50’ get ‘ready’, 30-35’ start a very gentle flare whilst looking towards the end of the runway. 10’ adjust for rate of descent as necessary, if cross wind, kick the aircraft straight and drop the into wind wing slightly.

Touchdown, retard thrust levers, apply spoilers and reverse thrust, monitor the autobrake or apply braking. Slow, 60kts reverse idle, fast walking pace, forward idle. Taxy, Park, go home/hotel.


Aren’t you supposed to retard before touchdown? In Airbuses at 20ft agl and Boeings at around 50?

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Your throttles should be close to idle anyway, you’ll be flying the aircraft to the runway. Some pilots like to have a little residual thrust on landing.

The above comment was really to ensure that the thrust levers are fully closed as you’ll need to apply reverse thrust. You can’t do that in the real aircraft if the thrust levers aren’t fully at idle.


Fair enough. Thanks for clearing that up.

I feel that landing the 737 is harder than the 777. When I try to land the 737, it can stall, but most often touchdown is my hardest part. I feel like every time I watch my 737 land, it’s such a rough landing! But when my 777, it’s more smooth. I think this is because it is a lot larger of an aircraft. But I could see how you could have a difficult time landing the 777 while in the air, with flaps and speed (etc.).

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Thanks for your input.
Guess it’s different for everyone.
I think ground effect also plays a factor in my landing the 777. Just seems to float down the runway for an eternity before touchdown

Thank you so much for the guideline. Going to print it out for quick reference

Great. Appreciate the detailed procedure. Thank you.