777 landing

After mastering the 737, I went on to the 777 but man, landing is a nightmare!
Having a terrible time slowing it down.
Any advice on getting that bird on the runway?
Landing speed?
Flap settings?
Rate of decent and how far away before starting decent?


Landing speed at 35-40% load should be 140kts. Flaps 30 and use your reversers and/or brakes when touching down


tbh the 777 is easier to land then the 737… 777 is one of the easiest to land actully…


same here… 737 is not too hard tho

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Nah, 787-8/9 is. Once you’ve mastered the proper flaps speeds it’s so easy to land, even on shorter runways.


If you have normal weight settings. you shouldnapproach around 140-145 knots and touch down around 135-140 with 30° flaps

Could be the 787- 8/9 is a new aircraft? :)

It doesn’t matter wether it’s new or not. I always hand-fly the approach (no APPR).


The 777 only got a minor update,

Where the 787 got lots of time and many improvements, more then the 777…

I think because the 777 have a higher cocpit. If you are addicted to 737, flare a little bit earlier.

Ok, but at the end of the day there’s still lots of ways to mess up a 787 approach, like there is with every other aircraft.

Hardest for me to do is slowing it down. I have throttles at idle, full flaps and spoilers and it still speeds up while making a modest decent on final. I’m trying to learn how to pancake the approach better.

Can someone explain the APR setting?

Thank you!!

I respectfully disagree. The 737 and 777 is like night and day. The 737 is so much easier to control the speed on decent. It responds immediately to flap and spoiler settings even on a steeper than normal decent where as the 777 just keeps going faster.

You need to slow down a bit earlier in the B777, don’t leave it till the last minutes because you won’t slow down, the B777 is the easiest aircraft in my opinion to fly and don’t use APR I would just manually fly

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Thought I mentioned that I used spoilers.
I could be wrong though

Yes true my bad

Makes sense. Thanknyou. I really need to have the formula for calculating distance, speed and altitude in order to perform a perfect decent onto the runway.
Any down and dirty method?

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No I only know the basics in order it get my plane on the ground so know I just try to descend earlier then I need to and slow down to ensure I have no problems

Melvin who is a real life 777 pilot actually made an appearance In the Boeing vs Airbus IF podcast. I remember him saying that the 777 is an incredibly aerodynamic machine and she just wants to fly. So if you’re not thinking 50-60 miles ahead, she’ll take you for a ride. I don’t have the 777, but from this I would tell you begin your slowing down early and you can find yourself at the right speed during approach.