777 Landing Technique

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What is everyone’s Landing technique in the 777? I flare at 40 feet but end up smacking on the runway. Any tips to improve?

That’s the issue, you’re starting your flare too high. According to the 777 FCTM, you pitch up about 1-2 degrees around 20 feet, that’s all it is, a slight pitch change and hold to arrest descent and slow down the aircraft. Don’t be too worried about it now since the reworked 777 should bring with it more realistic physics.


Also be careful with your airspeed when landing. Be sure to have a good airspeed when landing so that when you flare and go idle your plane doesn’t smack down from insufficient airspeed. My suggestion is to keep an eye on your airspeed.

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What’s the most efficient landing speed? I normally aim for 145 knots?

I have had trouble with this in the past as well.

Overtime I figured out that it is best to understand the aircraft first, because then the approach speeds are more familiar and same with the basic aircraft info.

It really depends. Your weight can contribute to your landing speed. If I were you and don’t wanna get into aircraft specs I’d just eye ball it and adjust as needed.

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Usual landing speeds range from 135-150kts-ish, depends on what variant you fly and your aircraft weight upon landing. Obviously if you’re heavy then use a higher approach speed.

thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated. Is it me or is the 777 very sensitive compared to other aircraft?

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I land the 777 the way I do never plane in IF; lawn dart style.

Usually 130 IAS touchdown with + 30 trim, 135 on short final. You barely have to flare at all (don’t flare too much because its physics model will send you back to the skies)

Wouldn’t say that, it feels highly stable to me, it just can fly at very slow speeds which can make it seem slightly twitchy on landing.

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I would also ask what is your definition of “smacking the runway?” Airliners are not really supposed to land ludicrously smooth, it happens, but I think people in the aviation and especially flight sim community get way to caught up in super low fpms…


For the 77W I typically aim for around 145-155 with flaps full

Personally, I absolutely love the way the 777 handles on landing. I find that if you you play with the throttle during your flare and try to get the dot in the middle of your hud as close to the center as possible, the plane will glide into a perfect landing. It takes some practice, but once you nail it, you’ll be seeing sub -180vs landings almost every time

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No need for special techniques if you have gear tilt hehe :)

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